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How to make a TV remote for your mobile, very easily

Nowadays technology has developed so much that you can make bigger than your small mobile – bigger If your mobile has Infrared, then you can make your mobile remote to any TV or Dish and control it. Rays of all remotes work on Infrared if your mobile also has Infrared, then you can do all… Read More »


How can I find a girl whose name and number I do not know? You saw a girl at a concert. You watched her. Did you talk to her? Because if you did and got no name or anything you couldn’t have talked much in those few hours at the concert.Sounds like you were attracted… Read More »

Google Map & Friends Explorer

Get Detail of nearest place on Google map. Places such asATMBANKS,HOSPITALBAR & HOTELSPOLICE STATIONRAILWAY STATIONAIRPORT, PARKSSHOPPING MALLLIQUOR STORESetc.would become easier to find on google map with directions supports(Driving, path, walking path, transit path) . app is very optimized for memory and different resolution and user can also search places on other location . Search any… Read More »

Where does the photo go away from the mobile

You have never deleted any photo or video from your mobile, but where the data inside the mobile is deleted, the answers to this question will be known by very few people, so we will tell you in detail about it today. Any type of data in the mobile is in the form of binary… Read More »


If you hear a DJ remix song, then you must have heard the name of some DJ in it, some DJs do not have their name in their remix songs but some DJs put their DJ voice tag in their remix song so that You can know who the song is remixed if you also… Read More »

Find other people’s live location in this way

It is not easy to know the location of any personand it is very difficult to know the live location. But and you are going to tell you about an application that will help you easily find the live location of anybody’s phone. Even if your phone is lost, you can easily see your phone’s location. Let’s know how you can get the phone’s… Read More »


If you are a customer of LIC and you have purchased a policy then you must read this news till the end, then let IRDI have implemented such a rule from the side of the LIC. It is very important for you to know all about that. View Rasifal Nowadays, there are many rules that apply… Read More »


9Apps provide comprehensive and in-depth cooperation opportunities,including incl integration guidance, testing,technical support for localization and even financial consultancyAndroid ringtone Here you can Get Lot of Android Application ringtonesfor your smart phones.In this site following category forAndroid ringtones Message TonesSond EfectMovie EffectGames SoundBollywood Tones.  9Apps provide comprehensive and in-depth cooperation opportunities, including SDK integration guidance, testing,technical support for… Read More »