More than 8 lakh migrants who visited the Statue of Unity, earning so much in 3 months

By | February 11, 2019

Gandhinagar For the Statue of Unity of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel situated near Kevadia village in Narmada district in Gujarat, the crowd of tourists is increasing every day. In the last three months, more than 8 lakh migrants came to see this. Through these tourists, the Sardar Patel Trust received huge revenue of 19 crores.

Patel lovers around the world are reaching here

According to officials associated with the Sardar Patel Trust, there is tremendous enthusiasm among the tourists for the Statue of Unity, which are coming here after the statue’s unveiling. This unveiling was led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 31, Patel’s 143th birth anniversary. The crowd of people increases in such a way that on holiday, there is a fair atmosphere like this.

First choice among tourists in Gujarat

8.12 lakh tourists arrived in the three months. It is now believed that among the tourists coming to Gujarat, the Statue of Unity has become their first choice. At the same time, while declaring the earnings figures, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Integration Trust informed that the earnings of 19,09,00,411 rupees have been made. In the last three months, 80 days were open to tourists.

Tourists reach by month

Month-day tourist earnings (in lakhs)

November 27 2.79 million 6.38

December 26 2.50 lakhs 5.70

January 27 2.83 million 7.00

Complete travel can be done at 380 rupees

Explain that for the Statue of Unity, the entire ticket up to the statue from the bus is Rs. 380. Apart from this, an express ticket has been started for the last ten days to see the statue, which is priced at Rs.1000. From where any passenger can see the direct statue. Whereas, the cost of tickets for the boating facility introduced by the dam is 250 rupees.

So much for the helicopter tourists

To accommodate the helicopter, the tourist ticket has been kept at Rs 2,900. The time of travel is 10 minutes. In Hawaii, tourists get to see Ariel View, Flower of Valley, Narmada Dame and Statue of Unity. A total of 7 tourists can sit together in a helicopter.

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